Here are your weekly leaders for Questionable Pursuits Live Trivia.

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AND HEY!  Team names may not be suitable for those of you not taught by your swearing father to use earmuffs.  QP doesn’t create the team names, we just put them up on a website for everyone to see.  If you have delicate sensibilities, perhaps this link is more your speed.

Team #Team NameScores
47Sonic Death Monkey669
66I Treated You Decent657
75Off Constantly649
79The Honey Badgers562
72Sweatpants Boner558
51I Twittered All Over Your Facebook415
39Trivia Newton John369
80Hot Cops332
69Team #2283
56Suck It Trebek195
28Mostly Mutts188
70Better Late Than Pregnant175
11Fat Kids Always Win At Superman171
78All Most There122
36Fins Up Yours50