Our Question Masters

We’re quick.  We’re fun.  We’re entertaining.  And we’re at a location near you. 

Our fantastic staff of Question Masters has one goal: to make sure you have a night filled with fun and trivia.  Well, okay, two goals.  But having a sit down dinner with Charlize Theron and Matthew McConaughey’s character from Dazed And Confused is probably a long shot at this point.

Either way, check out the some of our amazing staff members:

Mark Arminio was born in a small village to peasant farmers who sold him in exchange for a carton of cigarettes (menthol) and a sleeve of Thin Mints (curiously, also menthol).  At the age of 12, he founded the FJA, The Future Geniuses of America.  Arminio earned a bachelor’s degree from the California Penal System and a graduate degree from The University Of Phoenix Online with a concentration in Amish studies.  While at UPO, he completed an 18-book study of Roanoke Island, but all of his work mysteriously disappeared.  Arminio has always been able to  inspire people to greatness, which is why he injured both knees belonging to Kirk Gibson before Game 1 of the 1988 World Series. Mark is also an accomplished chef, learning Asian-Fusion recipes in Cairo and opening his own restaurant in Tennessee’s largest city, meaning he can Wok Like An Egyptian even though he’s Woking in Memphis.

Ray Moffitt is a legend on the "Tuesday Night Chain Restaurant Trivia Circuit".  He’s won many prestigious awards, signed many autographs and has even appeared in some minor motion pictures.  Along with his unmistakably white teeth, Moffitt brings a silky smooth voice which can cause triviaists to weep uncontrollably.  A master of asking poignant questions to reasonably coherent people, Moffitt takes his days of experience wherever he is called.  A consummate professional, Moffitt once arranged a joint action with the Arab irregulars and forces under Auda Abu Tayi (until then in the employ of the Ottomans) against the strategically-located but lightly defended town of Aqaba.* 

*There is a decent chance this line was ripped directly from the Wikipedia article about Lawrence of Arabia.

Greg Schutte has been a trivia junkie ever since 1983 when his mom first gave him a Trivial Pursuit game and he had to ask her what most of the bigger words were.  Twenty-eight years later, this is still the case.  In 1990, he appeared on the Nickelodeon show "Make The Grade", winning $900 and some Fruit Stripe Gum, neither of which lasted longer than a week.
Greg plays trivia on a crew named "Dogs in a Bathtub", specializing in the obscure and weird facts that can sometimes come up during a game of trivia.  He lives in St. Charles, is a huge soccer fan (Chelsea FC) and has 2 year-old twins, which is hopes will carry on his long and glorious trivia tradition in years to come.