Rob Q. Hyland

Born and the idyllic shores of a lake in some forgotten part of eastern Europe, Rob Q. Hyland quickly found himself living on the streets with nothing but his wit, guile and a hand-me-down, tattered copy of Bob Ross’ little known manifesto and survival guide: “The War of Art”.  He first developed a taste for random knowledge amid the brothels outside of Monaco and began busking on the streets as a way to earn money to play bar trivia.  His specialty was the pan flute and children’s cartoons from the mid-80s.

Sometime in the early 90s, Rob changed his middle name from Curiosity to the understated Q. He felt the change would allow him to finally have a pet cat that lived longer than a week. To this day, Rob insists the Q stands for Knowledge.

Finally earning a measure of success and stability as a professional Donkey Kong player, Rob Q. Hyland dreamt a dream of one day offering what he never had as a child: free trivia for all to play in bars all over the greatest country in the world: Missouri (he’s not great at Geography).

The manifestation of this dream is Questionable Pursuits.  Live Trivia.  Free for all.  A perfect world.

Semi-retired and living in St. Charles, Rob Q. Hyland remains the mascot, director, manager, janitor, law enforcement arm, and keeper of the secret Questionable Pursuits flame.

All things go through Q.